Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cover Letter from our 3rd Mobile BI Market Study

Below is the "cover letter" from our latest (3rd) Mobile Business Intelligence Market Study, which "nets out" our observations and views on the subject: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

When we started researching the Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) phenomenon over a year ago, we knew we were on to something important, but it wasn’t obvious where the journey would take us.

This findings document marks our third published report on the subject since mid 2010 and offers the clearest picture of progress to date. Having over a year’s worth of data to compare and contrast has been especially helpful in developing a higher fidelity; real-world perspective!

To be clear, we believe that we’re in the midst of a profound shift toward Mobile BI (and mobile computing). We believe this paradigm shift will affect everyone and have as much impact as the Internet did, over time.

This latest findings report shows strong evidence that Mobile BI is taking hold - broadly. Although current adoption, plans and perceptions may vary, this is a global phenomenon - across all geographies, industries, functions and organization sizes.

There are also more choices for organizations than there were in 2010. More and better mobile platform options have emerged – with an abundance of new tablets. And BI software suppliers have invested heavily, offering a much more complete menu of mobile options.

However, there are significant risks and challenges along the way. A proverbial “moving target” of hardware and software standards presents difficulties to both customers and suppliers alike. And, the risk of privacy and security breaches remains at the forefront of industry challenges.

Nevertheless, the Internet is an apt analogy. How do we work differently now than before the Internet “revolution”? What we take for granted: our ability to effortlessly find, create and share information and to readily collaborate with others – was impossibly difficult before it.

Likewise, what will be the impact of Mobile BI - with information and insight literally following us - wherever we are; whenever we need it? It will change the way that we work, our ability to respond more quickly and to align towards common purpose. This notion of pervasiveness has always been the mission of BI, which may now finally be realized with the catalyst of mobile computing.

So what should organizations do with this information? To quote Pasteur, “Luck favors the prepared”. In this spirit, we must all prepare for and embrace Mobile BI, or risk getting left behind.

We hope that this findings report – and our other research – will help guide the way and better increase your chances for success with Mobile Business Intelligence.


Howard Dresner

President, Founder and Chief Research Officer

Dresner Advisory Services, LLC


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  3. Howard,

    A very timely study indeed! I was in Las Vegas last week and spotted an executive at a Starbucks and he was working with his laptop and iPad side by side. This is a scenario that ver soon we won't see. The tablet will win out, I have no doubt.

    Keep up the great work on this timely and cutting edge research.