Sunday, November 20, 2011

Solution to Case Study from November 18th #BIWisdom TweetChat

Hello Folks.

On November 18th, we had a lively discussion surrounding the case study provided by fellow #BIWisdom "tribe" member, Peter Evans.

Leading up to Peter revealing his solution, there were quite a few excellent suggestions for how one might handle a similar situation. Those details can be found in Twitter by searching for the hashtag #BIWisdom. We also archive all of the weekly TweetChats on our member site BusinessIntelligenceInsider.

Below is Peter's solution:

"My solution was to develop a use case and present this to the CEO and the team and then introduce my solution to the CIO as a tactical solution – giving them the opportunity to develop a strategic solution.

Because of my approach I was allowed access to an instance of an RDBMS server and could therefore build a complete application based on a the desktop database tool available connecting to an RDBMS Backend which was used to connect to the banks BI semantic layer along with their operational systems data. Using desktop database tool I built a load and transform system with the ability to import data via the desktop to be added to the end results. Reporting was done via automation of the desktop spreadsheet application via the desktop database tool and auto population of a dashboards and individual and group reports which were then uploaded via code to a web server application and also emailed to the recipients as pdf files."

Our thanks to Peter for the case study and the great discussion that ensued!



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