Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Updated Top Ten Lists

When I first posted the Top Ten list, it was based on very preliminary data.

So, now with the benefit of all of the Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study data, I am posting two new/updated Top Ten lists: The Top Ten Biggest Problems with BI Vendors and The Top Ten Areas of Greatest Satisfaction with BI Vendors.

The findings and analysis report for the Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study is just undergoing some final edits and will be officially available on April 5th! More details can be found at http://www.business-intelligence-study.com.



Top Ten Biggest Problems with Business Intelligence Vendors

1. Integration with 3rd party technologies

2. Time to resolve technical support problems

3. Contractual terms and conditions

4. Online forums and documentation

5. Upgrade/migration to new versions

6. Follow up after the sale

7. Customization and Extensibility

8. Vendor consulting value

9. Sales understanding business/needs

10. Continuity of support personnel

Top Ten Areas of Greatest Satisfaction with Business Intelligence Vendors

1. Sales Product Knowledge

2. Robustness/sophistication of technology

3. Sales professionalism

4. Consult Product Knowledge

5. Consult Professionalism

6. Support Professionalism

7. Support Product Knowledge

8. Scalability

9. Overall Usability

10. Integration of components within product

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