Monday, March 8, 2010

Final Week of "Wisdom of Crowds" Business Intelligence Study and The Plan for Analysis!

Welcome to Week Four - The final week of data collection for the Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study.

The response to this study has been overwhelmingly strong. Even as I write this note, new surveys are streaming in! As many of you already know, the study will close in one week, on March 15th. And, even though we have lots of great data, we still need your input!!

So, if you are using a BI tool of any kind, click on the link below and complete the survey. If you have experience with more than one vendor/tool, complete the survey for each product/vendor combination. It only takes two minutes to rate your vendor and product. Valid participants will receive a complimentary analysis and report of the findings.



The Plan for Analysis:

I have already begun to validate and model the data and can already tell that there will be some surprises!

With that in mind, I've decided to organize the analysis/rankings into three distinct categories: "Titans", "Established Pure-plays" and "Emerging Vendors". Although far from perfect, the profiles of vendors that are grouped together are much more similar to each other than those in the other categories - even though there is some competition across categories.

Vendors/products will be ranked on the five study criteria (sales/acquisition experience, perceived value, product/technology, technical support and consulting services). A maximum of five points can be earned for each, for a total possible score of 25. I'm also considering other analyses such as top products, best tech support, etc.

At this moment, my plan is to present the findings in a series of bar charts or spider charts (below). Sorry, no quadrants ;)

Remember,this survey is not underwritten or sponsored by any vendors and none of your detailed data will be shared with the outside world. It was conceived as a means for providing an unbiased view of the market to those interested in selecting the best BI vendors and products and is entirely dependent upon people like you for input! So, please complete the survey today and be part of this important project!



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