Monday, April 5, 2010

Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study: Executive Summary and How to Buy

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I am pleased to tell you that today we released the Findings and Analysis Report for the Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study (TM)!

In the report you'll find 68 pages of tables, charts and commentary about the market - as well as 25 pages of in-depth vendor/product analyses and rankings.

Below is the Executive Summary from the Report. I invite you to visit the Official Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study Website to learn more about the study and to order your personal copy of the Report today! If you order soon, you'll be invited to a special live webinar where I will present the findings and answer your questions.



Executive Summary from Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study (TM)

  • Functional alignment within organizations for Business Intelligence continues to shift. Most notably, in North America, business users appear to be growing in influence. Finance influence remains strong in all geographies and the IT Department appears to be growing in influence outside of North America.
  • The largest deployments of Business Intelligence solutions can, predictably, be found in western countries, very large enterprises and in certain key industries. In spite of this, even the largest organizations seem to struggle to deploy BI to more than small, discrete groups of users. With the trend apparently favoring smaller deployments over time, many organizations will likely see their numbers of BI tools increase.
  • The base of Business Intelligence is growing and shifting, with industry investment ebbing and flowing based on economic conditions and, in some instances, governmental regulation. With increased awareness, and lower cost and easier to deploy solutions, smaller organizations - worldwide (including emerging geographies) are more able to invest.
  • Of the three Business Intelligence sub-segments, Titans and Established Pure-Plays are favored by IT Departments, in all geographies (including non-English speaking countries) and by larger-sized organizations. In contrast, Emerging vendors are found predominately in North America (excepting open source and non-US based vendors), and are favored by smaller organizations and business users.
  • Top areas of vendor dissatisfaction include: integration with 3rd party technologies, time to resolve technical support problems and contractual terms and conditions. Areas of greatest satisfaction include: Sales product knowledge, robustness/sophistication of technology and Sales professionalism.
  • The nature of vendor deployments over time and by organization size, deployment size, geography, vertical industry, and functional alignment - determines vendors’ niches and where they compete most effectively. It also indicates where they fall within their individual “life cycles” as companies.

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