Monday, June 21, 2010

Mobile BI Market Study Update

Hello Folks!

Since I launched my Mobile BI Market Study last Thursday, the response has been very encouraging!

My plan is to provide a real-world perspective on mobile BI, collecting data from the following sources:

1) primary research from users surrounding intentions and perceptions
2) interviews with relevant BI vendors to understand their mobile BI strategies
3) customer interviews.

I will then synthesize all of this information and create a research report with my analysis of the findings. I will also support one or more webinars to review these findings.

Although we need more input, the primary research data to date are quite interesting, with the possibility for some real surprises!

Here are some of the demographics to date:

As you can see, most respondents come from the IT function. I can already see a difference between IT and business users, but need more end user input before I can declare it a trend.

Good mix of verticals, with more than a few technology companies.

Nice mix of size of companies, with a fairly large sample of smaller organizations. Once again, seeing some important differences emerging here too.

And, although most are from North American, good representation from other parts of the world.

My hope is to deliver this important research by the end of July. I will post updates to this schedule here.

My thanks to everyone that have already participated. If you have not done so yet, please click here to be directed to the survey.



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