Monday, February 20, 2012

Early Insight from Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study ®

As we enter our second week of data collection for the third annual Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study ® - I thought I might share an early insight from data collected this far.

Data collection continues until April 2, 2012.

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As this chart indicates, to date, only a minority of respondents "completely agree" with the following statement: "My organization considers our Business Intelligence initiatives a success."

Here are some of the great comments that respondents shared to explain why they have or have not been successful with Business Intelligence:

"We were very successful with Product X. Then - Product Y came in."

"In midst of major reorg. Have nice success stories from before but not much has happened since. BI is not well aligned anymore."

"Great results & benefits to small group. BI is not yet pervasive. Not sophisticated enough to leverage all opportunities presented by BI"

"Started bottom-up. First integrated BI at operational level for process improvement & worked up to higher analytics"

"The organization is planning on expanding - small steps we have taken beginning to be noticed at different levels of org."

Too heavily concentrated around IT not enough around Business"

"Not enough IT resources to meet the demand from business users."

"Many of our BI projects are still focused on one department's needs and not total firm's needs."

We'll continue to share insights throughout data collection process. However, much more data will be needed before we can publish results later this year. So, we ask you to help out by please adding your voice today!

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