Friday, April 3, 2009

Hey, I thought this blog was about BI and EPM!

Okay. I know that I haven't written about BI and EPM very much. Sorry about that. But I have some good reasons.

Most notably, I've been busy since the beginning of the year writing my second book - on enterprise performance. It'll be published by John Wiley & Sons at the end of 2009. The book focuses on a number of very in-depth case studies with some extremely interesting and innovative organizations. For me, it's been a great journey and an education. I've learned quite a bit about some key industries: health care, hospitality, manufacturing and TV and radio. I've also been exposed to some of very well run organizations, with superior leadership, focus and execution. So, even in these dark times, there are organizations that continue to thrive. My hope is that, when the book is published, other organizations - large and small - will be able to apply many of its principles - and improve their own performance.

More to come...



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  1. Congrats on your book Howard. Looking forward to reading strategies these organizations are using. Taking pre-orders?