Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mobile BI Market Study to be Released September 8th

Hello Folks!

The long wait is almost over for the release of our landmark Mobile Business Intelligence Market Study! Just going through some final edits and awaiting approval for two customer "profiles" which will be including.

In addition to the customer profiles, I've also decided to include comments from 18 vendors (not attributed) surrounding perceived challenges in developing and delivering Mobile BI products. Very interesting reading!

The final analysis and findings report will be approximately 70 pages in length, with 38 charts, three detailed vendor tables and many great insights!

We will be releasing the report exclusively to enterprise clientele on September 8th. All others can get a copy by signing up for our webinar, which is scheduled for October 25th.

Visit our Official Mobile BI Website at for webinar details and to register.
Attendees to the webinar will receive their copy of the report immediately following the event.

Click on this link to view the current table-of-contents for the findings and analysis report.



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