Saturday, August 14, 2010

An Insight from Our Mobile BI Market Study: User Perceived Benefits

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Here's one of the interesting insights from our impending Mobile BI Market Study. This one focuses on user-perceived benefits of Mobile BI:

As a final set of questions, we asked user respondents to share with us their perceived benefits and drawbacks of Mobile Business Intelligence. In Figure 12 we see that the most popular benefit is “pervasive access”, followed by “fast access”, “flexibility”, “better decisions” and “better access”. Below are a few comments from respondents which underscore these statistics:

A large health care organization:

“Benefits are access to the information anywhere, but more importantly, enabling the right information to show up at the right time. In our environment, being able to access the data as discussions are taking place in conference rooms, etc. is absolutely key to successfully using that data.”

A small manufacturing company:

“Few people in management sit at their desk to make decisions. Decisions are made on the floor and good BI tools are crucial in the decision making process.”

A large consumer products company:

“Provides our leadership with the ability to see their key business drivers anytime, anywhere.”

As promised, I'll continue to post some selected analyses from the study, which will be released in early September. In the next posting, I'll include the analysis of user-perceived shortcomings of Mobile BI.

As a reminder, we're going to be launching the official Mobile BI Market Study site at and will host a Mobile BI Market Study webinar on October 25th. Those that sign up for the webinar will get a complimentary, personal-use copy of the report.

Also take a look at the study draft table of contents that I recently posted.



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