Monday, August 16, 2010

Another Insight from our Mobile BI Market Study: User-perceived Drawbacks

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Here's another interesting insight from our impending Mobile BI Market Study. This one focuses on user-perceived drawbacks of Mobile BI:

Not surprisingly, there remain a number of perceived drawbacks of Mobile Business Intelligence. In Figure 13, we see that “security” is the number one issue. In particular, organizations are concerned about lost devices and the sensitive data that may be on them. This is followed by “form factor”, which refers to phones versus tablets. Below are a few comments from respondents which further articulate some of these points:

A large telecommunications company:

“The obvious risks are allowing the data to escape from a mobile device that is properly locked down. This already happens today as we email reports directly to these devices. This is an important thing to keep in consideration when we make data easier to access”

A large retailer:

“Given the limitations of bandwidth and screen size, it can be tough to boil down everything users need in a mobile-sized package. The risk is that they rely too much on the scaled-down analytics without really digging into an issue using a full-fledged BI suite.”

As promised, I'll continue to post some selected analyses from the study, which will be released in early September. Keep checking back for more great content!

We've now launched the official Mobile BI Market Study site at and will host a Mobile BI Market Study webinar on October 25th. Those that sign up for the webinar will get a complimentary, personal-use copy of the report.



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