Monday, February 28, 2011

Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study (TM) 2011 Edition - is Off and Running

Seems like it was only yesterday that we launched our inaugural edition of the Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study (TM) in January 2010. The impetus for it emerged from a sense that the world needed a more balanced and real-world approach to understanding the BI market.

So, we took a good idea, combined it with social media and crowd sourcing - and a little market research know how - to create a fresh and important new perspective on the market!

Fast-forward to 2011, and we are officially launching our 2nd Edition of Wisdom of Crowds. And, we have a more ambitious plan than last year. This year we've adding several sections dealing with budget, licensing options, and a technology section - while keeping the time to complete the survey down to ~ 10 minutes. We're also aiming to increase the sample size t
o over 1,000 responses.

So, if you're a BI software user, here's your opportunity -> by completing our survey, you'll get to have your voice heard. Tell us your plans,
your experiences; your opinions. In return, we'll give you a complimentary copy of study findings for your own use.

Like all of our market studies, this is NOT sponsored or influenced by ANY third parties - ensuring an objective and unbiased view of the market.

Just click on this link and become part of an important process to add clarity and insight to the market!!!

Thanks in advance!



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