Saturday, February 19, 2011

From Mobility to Wisdom of Crowds

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Our goal continues to be delivering innovative insight into the Business Intelligence and Performance Management markets.

With that in mind, many of you know that we've just published our second Mobile BI Market Study Findings. You'll, no doubt, be reading various press releases and might even attend one of a number of associated webinars in the coming weeks and months.

Even though we just published the Mobile BI Study and it's fresh in our minds, we've started to work feverishly towards the 2011 Edition of the Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study (TM). Last year's inaugural edition was a huge success and this year we're expanding it to add even more value!

Since January, we've been busy redesigning the survey instrument, testing it, and have "soft launched" it within our core community. I can already tell that we're going to learn a lot about important and emerging trends
in the Business Intelligence industry!

And, like last year, we'll be rating BI software vendors using our trademark 32-criteria assessment model.

The official launch date for data collection (outside of the core community) is February 28th. We'll be posting and tweeting more information closer to that date.

Here's the time line for the study:

  • Instrument creation – 1/18 (completed)
  • Instrument testing & refinement – 2/1 (completed)
  • Soft launch – DAS Core Community – 2/7 (completed)
  • Soft launch – DAS Entire Community – 2/14 (completed)
  • Vendor & Press briefings – 2/22 & 2/23 (completed)
  • Official Launch – 2/28
  • Data collection & validation 2/28 – 4/1
  • Data analysis & documentation – 4/2 – 5/2
  • Findings report released - 5/9
Visit to learn more about The Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study (TM) and our other studies!



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