Monday, February 15, 2010

Be Part of The "Wisdom of Crowds" Business Intelligence Survey!!

Having read some recent analysis of the BI market, I decided that it would be worthwhile to attempt a different kind of market study - one which is based on a large sample, using a fairly simple survey instrument.

As a result, I have launched the "Wisdom of Crowds" Business Intelligence Market Study.

What You'll Receive for Participating: Participants will receive a complimentary copy of the findings for their own use in evaluating BI vendors and products.

>> Click Here To Participate in The Study <<

This is an Independent Study: This survey is not underwritten or sponsored by any vendors and none of your detailed data will be shared with the outside world. It was conceived as a means for providing an unbiased view of the market to those interested in selecting the best BI vendors and products.

More Input Needed: We've been pleased with the initial response and have assembled a few charts to share with you (below). However, we need much more data before we can consider this a reliable view of the market. So, please respond and also encourage others to do so.

Our Objective: The objective is to provide a fresh view into customers' experience with various Business Intelligence vendors and products. My goal is to collect input from as many organizations as possible before March 15, 2010.

Evaluation Criteria: Vendors and products will be evaluated using the following criteria:

1) Sales/acquisition process
2) Value for price paid
3) Quality and usefulness of product
4) Quality of technical support
5) Quality of consulting services

Once again, thanks for being a part of this import and independent market assessment!




  1. Howard, this is a great idea -If you don't have any objections, I would like to email this to our user base and some key propsects.

  2. Certainly no objections. All users/customers are welcome to participate!

  3. Day 2 begins! Great response yesterday! Thanks to all that responded and to those that helped generate awareness!