Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top Ten Issues with BI Vendors/Products- Wisdom of Crowds BI Survey

The Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study is still well underway and will remain open until March 15, 2010. So, now is a great time to get involved and make your voice heard!

If you are using a BI tool of any kind, click on the link below and complete the survey. If you have experience with more than one vendor/tool, complete the survey for each product/vendor combination. It only takes two minutes to rate your vendor and product. Valid participants will receive a complimentary analysis and report of the findings.


The Top Ten:While much more data is needed (hint, hint), it's already possible to identify some general trends. So, I have come up with the "Top Ten" issues/concerns that organizations have with their Business Intelligence vendors and products.

Over the next week, I will release them - one at a time - starting this morning with Number 10 and working my way up to the biggest issue - Number 1:


Top Ten #10 - Experience level of the BI vendor's consulting group

Top Ten #9 - Ability to customize and extend product/technology

Top Ten #8 - Amount of time for Tech Support to resolve problems

Top Ten #7 - Continuity of Consulting Resources

Top Ten #6 - Sales Flexibility/Accommodation during acquisition process

Top Ten #5 - Upgrade/migration to new versions of product

Top Ten #4 - Contractual terms and conditions

Top Ten #3 - Understanding our business/needs

Top Ten #2 - Consulting value for price paid

Top Ten #1 - Integration with 3rd party technologies


Remember,this survey is not underwritten or sponsored by any vendors and none of your detailed data will be shared with the outside world. It was conceived as a means for providing an unbiased view of the market to those interested in selecting the best BI vendors and products and is entirely dependent upon people like you for input! So, please complete the survey today and be part of this important project!

More later!



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