Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our Q3 Newsletter

Newsletter from Dresner Advisory Services

As we approach the final 3rd of 2013, we thought you might appreciate an update and progress report from Dresner Advisory Services.

It's been an especially busy year for us and we're pleased with what we've achieved and excited by what lies ahead.

Here are some highlights from this year:

Our Website: We've reorganized our website and made it much more useful and accessible. On the home page you'll find our twitter feed, recent articles, latest blog entry and most recent research products.

We've also added a "complimentary research" section, with free articles covering essential topics related to Business Intelligence. Titles include: What Influences Value of Predictive Analytics?Watch Out for the Credibility Gap in BI Data, Make Sure the Heat is on for Business Intelligence, Involve Customers and Suppliers in Your BI Chain and Are You Ready for the Mobile BI Diamond?
We encourage you to visit our website and welcome your feedback!

Research: We took on a pretty ambitious research agenda for 2013 and have succeeded in publishing a number of breakthrough market studies.

Our 4th annual flagship report - The Wisdom of Crowds ® Business Intelligence Market Study was expanded for 2013 and contains 124 pages of in-depth market analysis, with 80 charts and tables, 23 vendor rankings AND an exclusive 17-page buyers' guide! This buyers' guide compares and contrasts 22 BI vendor products across 19 key feature sets and 3 platforms: Traditional, Cloud and Mobile.

We published our 2nd annual Cloud Business Intelligence study in July with everything needed to assess this market phenomenon with 66 pages of in-depth market analysis, 50 charts and tables, 13 vendor rankings and a buyers' guide comparing and contrasting BI vendor cloud capabilities - including user BI features, cloud architectural support and cloud security.

And, we launched our inaugural Embedded BI study - focusing upon the requirement to make BI capabilities pervasive by including them as a part of other applications.  Like our other thematic research reports, Embedded BI explores user perceptions and intentions and includes vendor rankings and a buyers’ guide, making it a valuable tool for anyone considering investing in embedded BI products and services.

All of these premium research products can be found on our products page on

What's next: Moving forward, we are gearing up for our fall data collection project, which will support Mobile Computing, Mobile BI and (new this year) location analytics. We'll be sending out another email when data collection begins. As always, we welcome user participation in our studies and reward participation with a complimentary copy of the findings.

We'd also like to hear from you! If you have specific suggestions that you'd like to share, please respond to this email!

Hope the rest of 2013 is a successful one for you!



Chief Research Officer
Dresner Advisory Services

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