Monday, October 24, 2011

3rd Mobile BI Study Will Be Released Oct 31st!

I am pleased to announce that our third Mobile BI Market Study will be released to Enterprise Licensees on October 31st, 2011 and will be posted to our member site within two weeks. Study participants can expect to receive instructions for access to study findings by the end of November.

This landmark study not only addresses current state, user perceptions and intentions - but also has year-over-year comparisons from our first (Sept 10) and second (Feb 11) Mobile BI studies!

In addition, we've included a Mobile BI Buyer's Guide - with side-by-side comparisons for 24 BI vendors - including current capabilities and Mobile BI product plans through 2013!

And, we've scored and ranked vendors based on current platform coverage, levels of platform integration and support for 11 key BI features (see below):

I'm especially excited about this study since it paints the most complete picture of Mobile and Business Intelligence yet - giving readers a much more complete perspective on this highly dynamic market segment!



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