Thursday, September 22, 2011

Research Nugget from Our Impending Mobile Study

Hello Folks!

As we get ready to close data collection for our Mobile Computing & Mobile Business Intelligence Study, I thought I would share another research "nugget" with you.

In this analysis, I created a crosstab of major geography and expectations for numbers of exclusively Mobile BI users.

As you can see, North Americans appear to be the most aggressive in plans surrounding exclusive Mobile BI usage, followed by EMEA and APAC.

Of course, we're still collecting data for another 8 days - until September 30th! And, the larger the sample the more interesting the crosstab analyses will be.

So, we ask you to do your part and spend 10 minutes completing the survey. Not only will you be making an important contribution to this body of research, but we'll send you a complimentary findings report later this year!

Click here to be directed to the survey!

Thanks in advance!



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