Thursday, April 14, 2011

Analysis Phase of Wisdom of Crowds/ Some Demographics

After 6 weeks of data collection we've officially concluded data collection for the Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study (TM) 2011 Edition!

It's been an exciting process, resulting in a very rich and interesting data set - with 50% more data collected than last year! And, some surprises have already started to emerge!

Here are some of the final demographics:

Geography: We managed to collect a good sample from most of the major geographies around the world. Although a bit US-heavy, there's very strong representation from EMEA and APAC.

Industries: We had broad participation from a number of vertical industries, including: Technology, Financial Services, Health care, Retail & Wholesale and Manufacturing. Typically we haven't seen notable differences between industries. However, this year there are some worth examining - especially in the areas of licensing and technology.

Departments/Functions: Although the strongest response came from IT professionals, we collected a significant sample from Sales & Marketing, Finance and Executive Management. This will allow us to compare and contrast the plans and attitudes of the IT Department vs. Business users. First blush, I'm seeing some significant differences between functions - especially related to various technologies.

Organization Size: When looking at size of organization, we were able to recruit a great sample of small, mid-sized and large organizations. Although the differences aren't quite as striking as other splits, there are some important differences moving from small to mid-sized to large companies.

We'll be performing the in-depth analysis of the data over the coming weeks and plan to release the findings to enterprise licensees sometime in early to mid May.

And, we'll continue to post updates here throughout the process. Also, check out our official Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study (TM) Website at



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