Monday, March 28, 2011

Five Business Intelligence Trends from Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study

As you may know, data collection for our Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study - 2011 Edition will close at the end of this week!

To drive awareness, last Friday we held a "tweet chat" to talk about some of the trends AND encourage people to join in and take the survey.

If you haven't completed the survey yet - it takes less than 10 minutes and you'll get a free copy of the findings report later this year.

Click on this link and complete the survey now!

So, here are five Business Intelligence trends - based on preliminary data:

  1. The area of lowest overall customer satisfaction is "online training, forums and documentation"
  2. The area of top overall customer satisfaction is "robustness/sophistication of technology"
  3. The top mandate for BI technology so far? Operational integration.
  4. 94.5% would recommend their BI vendor.
  5. 69% of respondents consider their current BI vendor "strategic"

We'll be holding another tweet chat this coming Friday at 1:00 PM EDT. The hashtag for this event will be #BIWisdom. Hope you can join in!

But, until then, don't forget to please complete the survey!



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