Friday, December 17, 2010

Updated Mobile Business Intelligence Market Study and Our Research Agenda for 2011

Hello Folks!

I would like to start off with best wishes for the holiday season and the upcoming New Year.

2011 looks promising and we've developed a fairly ambitious research agenda to match.

EMA Partnership:
Many of you probably read the posting here and the press release announcing our partnership with EMA Research to conduct a study focused on Business Intelligence Professional Service Providers. That effort is already underway, with a targeted release for late winter 2011.

Updated Mobile BI Market Study
Simultaneously, I am working on an update to our recent Mobile Business Intelligence Market Study. The original research was done last summer and much has changed since then. In this updated study, we're taking a close look at how things have changed in past six months. We're working with a number of the original respondents for before and after comparisons and are also conducting some in-depth interviews.

We're also re-surveying all of the vendors to understand how their mobile capabilities have evolved in the past six months.

We've also added some new questions - including the relationship to Cloud Computing, device vs. server data storage, and the percentage of population that will be using Mobile BI - exclusively in 2 years.

We've also asked about some new platforms - including the RIM BlackPad, Windows 7 Phone and Android Tablets.

Here's a preliminary chart from the updated study:

You'll be hearing much more about this important research over the course of the next month - including scheduled webinars and
how to obtain the findings.

Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study - 2011 Edition:
Once the Mobile BI Market Study has been published at the end of January, we'll kick off the next cycle of our Annual Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study. As with last year, we will analyze key industry trends and will stack-rank all of the relevant BI vendors.

I expect the 2011 Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study to be released in early to mid Spring. 2011

More Research TBA:
After Wisdom of Crowds, I am hopeful that we'll be able to get one more study done (topic TBA) in either the late Spring/early Summer or early Fall before we begin the next cycle of our Annual BI Professional Services Study.

So, as you can see it will be a very busy 2011!



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