Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Announcing "The Five 'Ws' of Mobile Business Intelligence" Presentation

Now that our Mobile Business Intelligence Market Study has been released to enterprise licensees, I'm focusing my attention on our upcoming webinar, scheduled for October 25th at 12PM ET.

In support of the webinar, I've created a new presentation abstract called the "Five W's of Mobile Business Intelligence".

For anyone considering deploying Mobile BI, this is a "must attend" event which could save you considerable time, effort and money!

The Five 'Ws" of Mobile Business Intelligence

With the advent and adoption of devices like the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, we are in the midst of a profound shift in favor of mobile computing and the mainstreaming of Mobile Business Intelligence.

In this presentation we'll review the findings from our landmark Mobile Business Intelligence Market Study and will answer:

- Who: Who will deploy Mobile BI (Which users/organizations) and which vendors will offer the most complete solutions?

- What: What mobile platforms will be embraced or abandoned for Mobile BI? And, which features and functions are most important?

- Where: Where will Mobile BI be deployed most? How does geography impact deployment?

- Why: Why are organizations deploying Mobile BI (rationale)? What are the anticipated benefits and drawbacks? What are the greatest vendor challenges to delivering Mobile BI?

- When: When will Mobile BI be deployed over the course of the next two years? How will vendor solutions evolve to meet user needs?

To register for the October 25th webinar, please visit or Official Mobile Business Intelligence Market Study website at today! "Early bird" pricing will be in effect until September 26th and seating will be limited.

Webinar attendees will also receive a complimentary copy of the Official Study Findings Report, immediately following the event.

Hope to see you there!



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