Friday, April 16, 2010

Back from Gartner BI Summit & A Slide to Share

Hello Folks!

I just got back from the Gartner Business Intelligence Summit in Las Vegas. It was a great event - well attended, good content and a busy show floor with lots of vendors represented.

While there, I met with a number of attendees who are struggling to deliver business intelligence capabilities, and are hampered by a myriad of factors.

In my keynote presentation, I focused upon content from my latest book, Profiles in Performance, and what it takes to establish a "performance-directed culture" - a key enabler to successful BI. In an email from one of the attendees, they said:

"Your keynote session was very informative and a good pre-cursor to reading your book. I actually read most of it on the flight back home yesterday. I really enjoyed the Cleveland Clinic and Denihan case studies, and I think there is much I can take back from those two. We have definite culture obstacles that are preventing us from becoming truly performance driven, and this has stalled some of our BI initiatives. We actually have all the right enablers from a technology standpoint so that is one hurdle we shouldn't have to overcome, but the hardest one is the culture, right?? I think we are currently have a little bit of chaos and mostly departmental optimization, so as you state in the book, we can only improve."

Unfortunately, "departmental optimization" is quite typical and (unfortunately) may be on the rise.

Here's one of the slides that I used in my presentation to show that BI deployment sizes have decreased over time - suggesting that the numbers of tools within organizations continues to increase. This slide comes from my recent Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study (TM) and suggests that organizations are still lacking the right cultural direction and remain "departmentally optimized".

During my Gartner keynote, I mentioned that while reviewing the data from the study, I noted several respondents from the same organization claiming their BI tool was the only one in use! Clearly they need to read my book!

About The Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study (TM)
The “Wisdom of Crowds” Business Intelligence Market Study was created as a way to give a voice to those actually using BI solutions (i.e., “crowds sourcing”), creating a new and different perspective for measuring BI vendors and products in the market.

The Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study Findings and Analysis Report includes 68 pages of in-depth market and vendor analysis including over 25 pages of detailed vendor and product analysis, comparisons and rankings.

Order and download your copy today by visiting the official Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study website at

If you act soon, you'll be invited to our soon-to-be-scheduled webinar where I'll review the findings and answer your questions - live!



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