Friday, March 12, 2010

Survey Closes Today!!! How to Get a Copy of The Findings & Some Analysis

Hello Folks.

Thanks again to everyone that has supported the "Wisdom of Crowds" Business Intelligence Market Study. Because of all of you, this study has been an amazing success!

We've also just placed the official Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence website online. You can visit it at

Of course, the study remains open until midnight today and more data is always welcomed!!



Since last month, we have collected a very rich set of data from around the world - with fantastic representation from multiple geographies, industries, departments, roles, organization sizes, etc. As I have analyzed the data, to date, I have been impressed by the very valuable insights and the unique view of the market that has been uncovered.

Study Deliverables:

Some of you have asked how you can get a copy of the complete "Wisdom of Crowds" Business Intelligence Market Study. So, here is a listing/description of planned deliverables:

1) In-Depth Study: A comprehensive analysis report - with detailed vendor rankings will be available for purchase. Vendors and products will be ranked using the 32 criteria - rating sales/acquisition experience (8 criteria), value for price paid, product/technology (12 criteria), technical support (5 criteria), consulting (5 criteria) and whether a vendor is recommended or not. Please register at to be contacted with more information regarding pricing and availability.

2) Webinar: A live webinar with Q&A will be offered once the final report has been released. I will personally lead the webinar with fancy Powerpoint slides. This will be available for a fee. Once again, please register at to be contacted with more information regarding pricing and availability.

3) Study participants: For valid users that complete the survey, I will send them a complimentary overview report with high-level vendor rankings. Valid users that have completed the survey already (and provided their email address) will get a notification email shortly from So, you might want to whitelist this address.

4) Free stuff: I will continue to offer some industry insights from the study data on this blog. This will include demographics, and various industry cross-tab analyses - such as adoption by geography, industry, etc.

Some Additional Analysis:

Below is an analysis that I created from the latest version of the survey data. I'll continue to post these types of analyses from time to time, on the blog, for general consumption.

IT Versus Business Adoption:
The above chart clearly shows a global trend in favor of business/user deployment of business intelligence solutions. There's an interesting inflection point 1-2 years ago when the trend seems to have accelerated a bit.



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